About us

Śnieżka brand has been on the market for 70 years now. Currently a family business with 100% Polish funding, we focus on our long tradition which has substantially changed the region and consumer awareness. The well-known Michałki and Michałki z Hanki® have a special place in our client’s minds, conjuring memories of their childhood.

Welcome to Śnieżka – the place where magic begins…

The company’s history begins in 1946 where, in place of a German factory “Hochwald Schokoladen Fabrik”, the Polish company was officially founded. At the beginning we employed 86 people and in the first year of operation we produced 51 metric tons of chocolate sweets.

The following years brought dynamic development for the company, thanks to both technological improvement and staff training. Superb quality was ensured by employing masters of the confectionery craft.

The factory offered a wide range of chocolate products

‘We produce candy in a number of flavours: orange, strawberry, peppermint, cream, coffee, liquor; as well as brittle chips. We also have coffee candy sprinkled with poppy and cognac-filled chocolates. We have recently started producing jellies in marzipan with chocolate coating’ – excerpt from Gazeta Robotnicza newspaper, November 1959.

Michałki® – our pride

We are very proud of the fact that the recipe of the classic Michałki – the favourite of many generations – has been conceived in Śnieżka. From the very beginning, we have taken great care to preserve their unique flavour. Every piece of history connected with the candy is incredibly valuable to us, such as the first ever wrapper that we treat like the most precious of treasures.

The company’s history is actually the story of many products, the result of our workers’ diligence has borne us great results. Delicious chocolates, brands like Trufle, Gangeski, Cardinal and Carachi are still very popular among our clients.

1990 – we are opening our first shop

On Feb 1st 1990 we opened our next-door company shop on Sienkiewicza street.

Michałki was the magic word used in the shop at least a thousand times a day, but it was not the only popular product we sold. We had clients queuing at the front door since 8 o’clock – one of the workers muses.

Economical and social changes in the eighties and nineties changed how the company worked. Thanks to the staff’s effort and firm quality principles, we kept our strong position on the market.

2016 – Śnieżka 70th anniversary

Year 2016 brought the 70th anniversary of the company’s founding that we combined with the local chocolate festival. The hours of fun for both adults and children, sweetened by liquid chocolate, have become a staple in the local community. Śnieżka itself, as the main organiser, adds a new touch to the festivities every year.

The following years brought even more intense development, adding a new production line for cookies, allowing us to enter a new market segment.

Michałki® – the treasure of Lower Silesia

High quality and tradition have become a part of the company’s policy, especially when it comes to the traditional recipes. All of these allow us to uphold very high standards of quality.

Multiple times have the well-known Michałki® brand proven their importance to the region. In 2016 they were awarded the prestigious Dolnośląski Gryf award for exceptional  accomplishments for the Lower Silesia region. In 2019 we were once again awarded, this time with the Jakość i Tradycja (Quality and Tradition) award given only to the top quality products at least 50 years in confirmed production.

Apart from motivating us to try even harder, such awards show how much hard work goes into the development of our company.

Additional shop join the already well-established Świebodzice shop

We cordially invite everyone to our new company-shop located in the historical Świdnica town center.